Mirela Oprea

Georgia: The Missing Page in the Association Agreements

Article by Mirela Oprea and Giorgio Comai, jointly published by Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso , Eastbook.eu and  DF Watch. It might be one page, one paragraph, or just two lines. But the importance of including child protection in EU’s Association Agreements cannot be overestimated. On June 27, Georgia and Moldova will sign in Brussels the Association Agreements […]

Power and politics in child protection reforms. Or why we should think beyond ‘technical’ approaches.

There is (still) much talk about the child protection reforms in the former socialist countries, in particular in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus, with deinstitutionalization at the core of the reform efforts. At the end of the communist / socialist rule all countries were running a system of ‘orphanages’ where a […]

Salt and the human rights of children

My latest post about the need for some institutional actors to apologize to children before celebrating the UNCRC’s 25th anniversary this year produced some unexpected reactions. Some of my friends and readers got back saying that in some cases parents or entire traditional communities should apologize too. I was made aware that in some countries […]

Say ‘Sorry’ to children before celebrating the UNCRC this year.

This year the world celebrates the 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century already! – of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The UNCRC is said to be the most important child rights document that humanity ever created. The document that lists all the human rights of children, the most […]

Scrisoare din inchisoare

Familia noastră a primit o scrisoare. O scrisoare din inchisoare. De la Aiud. Acum cinci ani un vecin de-al nostru de la ţară a avut o zi cu mare ghinion. Să zicem că pe vecin îl cheamă Vasilică. Vasilică era un băiat ca mulţi alţii din satul ăsta fost săsesc din judeţul Sibiu, de unde […]

Protecţia copilului – o prioritate pentru politica română de cooperare pentru dezvoltare

În anul 1990 în România exista o reţea de sute de ‘orfelinate’[1] care adăposteau peste 100.000 de copii abandonaţi de părinţii lor. În multe cazuri, aceşti părinţi erau încurajaţi chiar de angajaţii acestor instituţii să creadă că viaţa copilului lor va fi mai bună la ‘casa de copii’. Un panou de propagandă de dinainte de […]

Outrageous! The male ‘friends’ of our child protection systems.

A couple of months ago I met a group of care-leavers from Italy. Actually they were in Italy, but not all of them were Italians. The group included a Romanian young man, a girl from Bangladesh, a girl from Tunisia and several others. Two Italians were also part of the group. For those who are […]

A Midday Summer Dream

Greece, Athens, July 2013. I’m here for a conference, with some free time to walk around. My hotel is very close to the Acropole and this is my first time here. The Acropole, shining in the sun, is an image that will probably stay with me forever. It is hot, not yet the hottest time […]

Romania, morte per randagismo

Article originally published by Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Bucarest, un cane randagio attacca e uccide un bambino di 4 anni. Un’altra vittima del problema del randagismo in Romania, per il quale le autorità stentano a intraprendere azioni risolutorie. Una questione che incide, pesantemente, sulla quotidianità dei cittadini e sui diritti degli animali senza dimora Lo […]