Lună: iunie 2014

Georgia: The Missing Page in the Association Agreements

Article by Mirela Oprea and Giorgio Comai, jointly published by Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso , Eastbook.eu and  DF Watch. It might be one page, one paragraph, or just two lines. But the importance of including child protection in EU’s Association Agreements cannot be overestimated. On June 27, Georgia and Moldova will sign in Brussels the Association Agreements […]

Power and politics in child protection reforms. Or why we should think beyond ‘technical’ approaches.

There is (still) much talk about the child protection reforms in the former socialist countries, in particular in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus, with deinstitutionalization at the core of the reform efforts. At the end of the communist / socialist rule all countries were running a system of ‘orphanages’ where a […]